Keynote lectures

15-17.05.2018 | IEiAK UJ, Gołębia 9

Keynote lectures by Dr. ​Sanna Lillbroända-Annala​ from Åbo Akademi University in Finland. 

"Gentrification and the postmodern transformation of cities"
This lecture gives insights into the postwar transformation of cities, where especially old parts of cities are transformed into more eligible areas displacing their physical appearance and socio-economical structures. What kinds of advantages and disadvantages does gentrification of urban environments bring about? What causes gentrification and what kinds of outcomes does this process of transformation have? Examples are given from around the world with special focus on the conditions in Nordic countries and especially Finland.

"Cultural heritage as a process of trendification"
This lecture is a follow up to the first lecture. It gives insights into the cultural heritage processes of urban environments as the next step of gentrification. What happens when tourists become more aware of old parts of the cities and start to seek for new kinds of experiences in them? What happens in the processes of cultural heritage where some parts of the city are uplifted and highlighted and other parts neglected and forgotten? Examples are given with special focus on Finnish and Nordic conditions.

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