Courses Available

Ethnological studies (first- and second-level)

The institute offers full-time, first- and second-level studies in ethnology that provide general knowledge inform a humanities and social sciences basis, and expert knowledge in ethnology and cultural anthropology. Graduates of the programme will be conversant in matters related to philosophy, sociology, history and methodology of social and historical sciences that co-create ethnological knowledge. First and foremost, they are taught the history, theory and methods of ethnography, ethnology, cultural, social and historical anthropology; the ethnology of Poland, Europe and non-European countries; the history and culture of other selected areas (e.g. Carpathian countries); the history and culture of selected ethnic and national minorities (e.g. the Romani and Lemkos); the anthropology of contemporaneity; and the ethnological analysis and interpretation of forms of sociocultural activity such as religion, magic, folk art, non-professional art and folklore.

Museum studies (postgraduate)

The institute also offers university alumni the opportunity to continue their education with a postgraduate course in Museum Studies. Studies are part-time, and the classes are conducted by the academic staff of Jagiellonian University, with lectures by invited experts.

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